GPAA Divisions - Age as of April 30


Junior Softball

Junior Softball is for athletes 7 to 9 years old, with all levels of experience welcome. We work to develop skills throughout the season. We begin with coach pitch and then transition to every other inning of kid-pitch then coach-pitch. The diamond has 55-foot base paths and a 30 foot pitching distance. This league is about learning the basics and having fun! Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved as managers, coaches and assistant coaches.

Intermediate Softball

Intermediate Softball is for participants 10 to 12 years old. The program reinforces and builds on basic softball skills, while focusing on a deeper level understanding of all aspects of the game. The division is fully player pitch and adds base stealing. As players develop their skills, they start to learn to specialize in one or more positions. The program provides a good mix of fun and competition. While the focus is building off foundational skills, beginners are more than welcome.

Major Softball

Majors softball at Gompers is an incredibly dynamic division for players from 13 to 18 year old high school seniors. Schedules are designed to allow for the participation of high school and travel players, with no games on the weekend and rules closely following IHSA. The division also provides a challenging environment for players on the younger end of the age bracket. Of course, the Gompers focus of fun, camderie and positivity will always be the top priority.