GPAA Divisions - Age as of April 30



Often a family’s first introduction to baseball/softball is providing a Tee Ball experience that is grounded in fun, fitness, and fundamentals, which is key to growing a child’s love for the game. TBall is intended for athletes ages 5-6 and aides in providing a positive introduction to baseball and softball. Gompers Park offers a 15 game schedule that emphasizes fun and fundamentals to induce a player, and their family's love of the game, and love for our league. It's a laid back experience that is focused on building a child's desire to continue playing the game. Most TBall games are on Saturdays or Sundays between 10am and 4pm, with the occasional weeknight game at 5:45.  TBall teams generally practice right before games, not on different days.


8-Ball is a league that introduces 7- and 8 year old players  to the skill of hitting off live pitching.  About half the game is coach-pitch and half is player-pitch.  Games are 5 innings long and played twice a week (one weekday game and one weekend game).  The focus of the league is on player development, instruction and fostering a love of the sport.  Coaches work with players to improve their skills in fielding, catching, throwing, hitting, and baserunning.  Competition is balanced with sportsmanship for an overall positive experience for all involved.


Specifically for 9- and 10-year olds, Minors Baseball offers the ideal mix of strategy, instruction, and competitive balance.  An emphasis is placed on positional versatility, rules introduction, and sportsmanship.  Come see what the buzz is about in the Minors!


Majors Baseball is for athletes aged 11-13. Majors Baseball games are played under the lights at Big Gomps East and Big Gomps West with 75 foot base paths and pitchers 50 feet from home plate. Games are 6 innings and coaches focus on skills development and sportsmanship.


Pony Baseball is for athletes aged 14-17, and has a later season start date to accommodate those who play high school sports. Pony games are played under the lights at Big Gomps East with 90 foot base paths and a pitching mound 60 feet 6 inches from home plate. Games are 7 innings and the competition can be intense with balls frequently clearing the back fence to land in the Chicago River. The Pony division has a mid-season all-star game.